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Four More Years

What you see above was the scene at the Election Night watch party I attended when CNN called Ohio for President Obama and projected that he would be re-elected. ( Here’s a video if you want to see everyone go crazy.) It was, to put it mildly, an incredible night. Not only did the Democrats keep the Senate and the White House, but a number of crazy Republican candidates lost and three states (including my home state of Maryland) legalized gay marriage. I was really proud to have voted for President Obama in my first presidential election and even prouder that I was able to do so in the all-important state of Ohio. Achievement unlocked: four more years. #election2012 — Eric Geller (@erier2003) November 7, 2012

Political Link List: November 5, 2012

In this, the last political link list before Election Day, an all- New York Times edition of the list. The New York Times : Ryan, Quiet for Now, Is Said to Be Planning for an Active Role (by Trip Gabriel) Key passage: “Whether Mr. Ryan would be a wrangler of House conservatives in support of a White House seeking to reach across the aisle, or an agent of the Tea Party who keeps Mr. Romney from deviating from the true path, is a subject of much debate.” The New York Times : Getting Out the Ohio Vote, Campaigns Are a Study in Contrasts (by Monica Davey and Michael Wines) Key passage: “As a marathon campaign in Ohio nears a conclusion that its weary residents surely yearn for, the contest between President Obama and Mitt Romney has devolved into political trench warfare. It is a close-quarters fight: Mr. Obama’s operation, built over four years with more than a hundred offices around Ohio and hundreds more living rooms, office basements and even garages set aside as Ele

Political Link List: November 1, 2012

The Washington Post : Obama struggles to balance African Americans’ hopes with country’s as a whole (by Peter Wallsten) Key passage: “Despite Obama’s past work as a community organizer, a background that inspired many liberal activists to initially see Obama as one of their own, he has made clear that as president he has broader obligations than social activism. Clayborne Carson, the Stanford University historian tapped by King’s widow to archive and study King’s papers, said Obama seems to relate most closely to King’s earlier approaches, when he focused on more universal themes and tried not to alienate whites. King took greater risks later in his life, Carson said, launching the Poor People’s Campaign and opposing the Vietnam War.” The New York Times : Libya Warnings Were Plentiful, but Unspecific (by Michael R. Gordon, Erich Schmitt, and Michael S. Schmidt) Key passage: ““The lethality of an armed, massed attack by dozens of individuals is something greater than we’ve