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Returning To Disney World

On Thursday, I’m off to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida for a weekend of Star Wars fun. The event is called, appropriately enough, “Star Wars Weekends,” and it features Star Wars activities, shows, events, and celebrities spread out around Disney’s Hollywood Studios. While I can’t wait to ride the new version of the Star Tours simulator adventure, Star Tours – The Adventures Continue, I’m equally excited to see some of my good friends for the first time in months. This will be my second vacation to Disney World, and to celebrate my return, I thought I’d share a funny story from the last time I was there.

My family at Walt Disney World, August 2004
I don’t remember much about my first trip to Disney World, which happened in August 2004. Due to a freak accident with my camera’s SD card, I lost all my pictures from that trip before I could back them up. Thus, the only images that survive, such as the one above, are from my parents’ camera. I do know that I rode the original Star To…