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The Stars, They Doth War

  Image courtesy of Wikipedia I have just determined that Shakespeare is George Lucas. Observe: Shakespeare’s first “War of the Roses” tetralogy, which included Henry VI, Part 1 , Henry VI, Part 2 , Henry VI, Part 3 , and Richard III , is the second half of his chronicle of the English civil war. His second published tetralogy, which included Richard II , Henry IV, Part 1 , Henry IV, Part 2 , and Henry V , set up the events of his first tetralogy. Sound familiar ? The things you learn in English class, let me tell you…

The Force Is With This Car Commercial

Let me be clear: I know next to nothing about the Super Bowl. I saw the #superbowl hashtag on Twitter and assumed that a video featuring remarkable Strigiformes had gone viral. But even though I could care less about football, I found something to love about tonight’s event. Above I’ve embedded what may be the best car commercial of all time, created to promote Volkswagen’s 2012 Passat. It’s certainly one of the most entertaining Super Bowl commercials I’ve ever seen. It’s just cheesy enough to get the job done, with zero “groan factor” (not so common in ads these days) and maximum sentimentality. Should you buy a 2012 Volkswagen Passat? I have no clue. But you should definitely watch VW’s Star Wars Super Bowl commercial over and over again, marveling each time at how perfectly it captures the spirit of young Star Wars fans and plays on everyone’s inner desire to use the Force.