Really, Conservatives? REALLY?


I’m a liberal guy, it’s true, but there are some things that transcend political opinions.  Like this FOX News story about parents forbidding their children’s schools from showing the kids President Obama’s speech to students next week.


This goes beyond whether or not you agree with the man.  This is censorship and, quite frankly, abuse of parental powers.  You are restricting the information your children can gather about the world around them.  Even if you don’t personally agree with what Obama has to say, what gives you the right to prevent your children from forming their own opinions?  If you only allow them to hear speeches that present a message you agree with, they’ll turn out like you: bitter, crazed, and only stocked with facts that support their viewpoint.

In the FOX News article, parent Regine Gordon says this:

"It's kind of like going through the children to get to their parents. Children are very vulnerable and excited. I mean, this is the president. I think it's an underhanded tactic and indicative of the way things are being done."

Okay, two things:

1. President Obama does not have the power to control your children’s minds.  I know this may surprise some of you, but it is the simple truth.

2. Even if your kid agrees with the President’s words, and even if he or she tells you that you should support Obama’s reforms, you are not powerless before your offspring.  You are, in fact, the parent, and for the time being you’re the one paying the bills.  Your children don’t decide your political leaning.

Also from the FOX News article:

The idea of having Obama speak directly to children without so much as a permission slip being sent home just "makes you feel a little funny," said Beth Milledge of Winterset, Iowa. She said she plans on going to school with her 8-year-old son to watch the address with him.

"I want to know how it's being presented," she said. "I'm all for my child having respect for the president, but why wouldn't he show us the speech first and then go from there?"

Maybe because he doesn’t want you to fill your child’s head with hatred, lies, and utter nonsense before he speaks to your kid himself.  Which is probably what you’re going to do anyway, Mrs. Milledge, since you’re tagging along with your third-grader on Tuesday.  Man, that must be embarrassing:

“Hey Jimmy, what’s your mom doing here?”

“Well, she’s kind of a zealot.  She doesn’t want me to hear anything but her own opinions.”

For the record, I am aware of the fact that most third-graders don’t know what the word zealot means.  But I’m sure if Mrs. Milledge was my mother, I’d want to know how to accurately describe her.

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