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One of the best things to come out of my months of summer employment was my exposure to a superb television series called Leverage.  The show revolves around an ex-insurance agent named Nathan Ford, who gathers a team of four criminals (a brawny hitter, a talented grifter, a brilliant hacker, and a super-smooth thief) to con the greedy and corrupt for the benefit of the team’s clients.  Leverage is basically the best show on TNT, and even though I’ve only been a fan for a few weeks, I am now hooked.  I can’t watch the episodes as they premiere (they air right in the middle of ForceCast LIVE), but that’s what a Media Center DVR is for.

Check out this amazing clip from a Season 2 episode that is just one example of the show’s brilliance.

Check out Leverage, Wednesday nights at 9pm Eastern on TNT.

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Tech Memories I Don’t Remember

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As tomorrow is my last day working IT support at school, I thought I’d look back on what my boss and I discussed during our down time in the office.  Much of it was about the “good old days” of tech.  My boss was around for the early days of modern computing, and I learned a lot about the way things used to be.  We talked a lot about the computers themselves, but we didn’t focus on the operating systems.  So I went online to find an OS retrospective where I could learn more about the early years.  Browsing around, I found Maximum PC’s comprehensive “Mac OS 7 to Windows 7” feature.  I recommend it if you a) were around back then and want to reminisce or b) want to increase your knowledge of computing history.  Enjoy the read!

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More on Blogging

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Along the same lines as my last post, I have yet another audio recommendation for you, the loyal reader.  This one is also available as a podcast, but it originally aired on a very old broadcast medium: the radio.  Specifically, this is from a talk program called The Diane Rehm Show on WAMU 88.5, the D.C. area NPR station.  This edition of the program featured an interview with Scott Rosenberg, author of the new book on blogging called Say Everything.  As someone who evangelizes blogging and new-media journalism in general, this book looks fascinating to me.  In fact, it’s number one on my Audible.com purchase list right now.

In the radio interview, Rosenberg talks about how blogging is revolutionizing both journalism and the world in general.  For some of you techies out there, some of what he says may be obvious to you.  But Rosenberg does an excellent job explaining both why blogging has caught on and why it’s vital for the future.  I highly recommend listening to this interview, whether you are an avid blogger or someone trying to understand it all.  You can find the interview here.

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“Whistling into the Wind” (A.K.A. Problems with Web Publishing)

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There was an excellent conversation about the state of web publishing on this week’s episode of This WEEK in TECH.  TWiT, as fans call it, is the Internet’s most popular technology podcast, hosted by Leo Laporte and consisting of a rotating panel of guest luminaries.  This most recent episode featured Leo and three guests discussing the current web publishing situation, the hazards of posting to closed (and flaky) platforms, and the reinvigoration of blogs as a form of chronicling one’s thoughts.  The discussion centers around one of the most important issues in today’s digital world: where’s the best place to publish your stuff?

But I digress.

TWiT is an excellent podcast in general, but today’s episode was particularly interesting to people like myself who follow these high-tech trends.  If you consider yourself to be part of “the digerati,” I recommend giving this episode a listen.

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The Great EU Debacle

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On last week’s episode of The ForceCast, Jason reopened a huge can of worms when he raved about how happy he was to hear that Karen Traviss was departing Star Wars.  There have been numerous responses, both on Twitter and on the forums, and that same show even saw two live calls, one of which was mine.  But as responses go, very few of them compare to the one posted by my good friend Mandy on her blog.

In the blog post, which you can find here, Mandy opens a four-part series of posts that will deal with the issue of the Expanded Universe.  This first post deals with the truth behind Traviss’s departure and what it means for both her and the EU.  If you are at all interested in the EU debacle, I highly recommend that you read this informative and interesting blog post.

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College Search Week Wrap-Up

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Today we visited the last college on a marathon week-long visit trip.  I pretty much liked all of the colleges we saw.  They’re all small liberal arts colleges in the Northeast, with flexible course requirements and a big emphasis on the faculty-student relationship.  I could see myself at one of them more so than the others, but they’re all very hard to get into, so I’ll skip the name-dropping in case they are reading this.  (Would you accept a student who said you weren’t his first choice?)

The college search is a very long and arduous process, but I think I’m well on my way.  I’m almost done with my Common Application, although now I think I may change my topic.  (Damn you, vacillating mind!)  I have my recommendations lined up, and one of them is confirmed.  I have my SAT IIs done, and I will take the regular SAT again to make sure I’ve gotten the most out of the test.  I may take the ACT, just because I have been told I’d do well on it.

Here’s a list of the colleges I saw this week:

Monday – Drew University

Tuesday – University of Rochester

Wednesday – Hamilton College

Thursday – Skidmore College

Friday – Brandeis University

Also, who knew that there were so many colleges on Twitter?


(Image from Flickr user drmillerlg)

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Good News


My good friend Mandy has convinced me to blog more regularly and in shorter form.  I’ve been writing these really long posts lately and I’d like less text, more often.  So I will.

And that’s only Good News Part One.

In other good  news, my friends at the ForceCast, the popular Star Wars podcast from TheForce.Net and Rebelscum.com, launched their very own website today.  You can find it here.  I really like the design and feature set – this is certainly a step up from the Podcast section of TheForce.Net.  The ForceCast just keeps growing and growing, and I’m very proud to be a part of that community.

And for Good News Part Three, today is my sister’s birthday.  Happy Birthday Lisa!

Look for more posts on this blog very soon.

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