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School, New York, and The Force – Oh My!

It’s been a while, and for that, I’m sorry.  I’ve been busy with several activities and events and I kept putting off a blog post. My last post on here was from the airplane on the way to Hawaii.  That was a great trip.  We stayed at a large hotel with a series of five or six pools connected by water slides.  We went to the pool and the nearby beach every day, eating lunch at the poolside bar with food delivered to our pool chairs by some of the nicest waiters I’ve met.  For dinner, we drove to various restaurants around the towns of Wailea and Kahului.  One night we ate at a pizza restaurant where there were barely any other customers.  Because of – or perhaps, despite – this, our waitress was always coming over to our table, telling stories and cracking jokes.  It made the night uniquely interesting and enjoyable, and it gave us the feeling that we were really in Hawaii. On September 3, I started my junior year in high school.  I’m taking, among other classes, Calculus and Phys