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Playing Catch-up

Fun fact: as I write this, I'm thousands of feet above the ground in a 777 headed towards Hawaii. Since I wrote that blog post begging you to vote for The Force-Cast's Atom video, a lot has happened.  For one thing, that same video won two trophies at the 2008 awards ceremony: Best Animation and Audience Choice.  Though the ceremony occurred a few weeks back, Jason and Pete (hosts of The Force-Cast) are still talking about it.  And as they mentioned on last Friday's show, their trophies will arrive soon; that means more self-administered back-patting.  But as a big fan of the show, I agree that they deserve every last back-pat.  They worked hard on the video, and it shows. I finished my job at my school last Friday.  I mostly worked five-hour days, although I did pull a few longer shifts (mostly due to transportation issues).  I plan on putting most of the money into my bank account. This past Saturday, I saw the new Star Wars film, The Clone Wars .  While most of the