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Learner's Permit Acquisition: Finally!

Yesterday my mom took me to the DMV to get my learner's permit.  We waited for almost two hours before it was our turn.  And that was just for the vision test and personal info verification!  Luckily, there was no line to take the knowledge test, so I went right in.  The employee who "verified" my name, address, etc. accidentally wrote my dad's name instead of mine on my testing sheet.  So I had to go back to her and ask her to fix it.  After resolving that, I started the computer-based knowledge test.  Twenty nerve-wracking questions later, I had a passing grade.  I was allowed two wrong answers (a third would automatically fail me), and I did end up getting two wrong.  But I still passed, and that's the important part.  I got a plastic card very similar to a full driver's license, except oriented vertically instead of horizontally.  I decided to become an organ donor, too.

Spring Break Preview

We're taking a Caribbean cruise over Spring Break!  On Saturday, we're flying to Fort Lauderdale, where we'll stay at a local hotel overnight.  The cruise starts at 5:00 PM on Sunday.  I was surprised to hear that the boat actually has Wi-Fi service onboard.  $80 for six days isn't cheap, but it's not bad either. I promised myself that I'd take lots of pictures on this trip, enough for relatives to live the experience vicariously through us.  At least I can take comfort in knowing that, if I don't take enough, my mother and sister will make up for it. I know I won't run out of stuff to do.  The boat features a slew of activities for just about everyone--rock climbing, arcade games, gambling, etc.--and the onshore excursions look like fun as well.  One that I know I won't be doing is the snorkeling trip.  I tried that once and didn't really enjoy it.  Maybe it was the fact that you have to consciously remember to breath. The only thing we