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Halloween Semi-live-blogging Extravaganza!

As all of you hopefully know, tonight is All Hallow's Eve.  My sister has about a dozen friends over for a party, which will culminate in a quiet evening for me as they depart on a trick-or-treating spree.  In keeping with my annual tradition of live-blogging the entire evening (which I just started this year), I present you with the live-blogging extravaganza... 6:48 PM Just finished greeting my first trick-or-treater of the night.  We saw them come up the driveway, so we opened the door.  But the little girl (who couldn't have been older than five) wanted to ring the doorbell.  So we watched as her mother lifted her up to reach our doorbell and waited the customary three seconds before opening the door again.  The girl promptly grabbed two Kit-Kats, but her mother said, "Only one, dear!"  My mom, who had bought way too much candy, insisted that she take two. 6:50 PM There's another group of trick-or-treaters at the door.  The dad is waiting by our front st
For all you 24 fans out there, let it be known that the season 7 trailer is live! And by live I mean here . This really does look like the best season so far. I mean, season six was good, and season five was ridiculously good, but the plot for this new season will certainly be better. Seriously, just watch the trailer and tell me that January 2008 won't be the start of edge-of-your-seat, jaw-dropping Jack Bauer goodness!
Yesterday I took the PSATs. I had to wake up at 6:30 AM, because they started at 8 AM. Now, my school is only fifteen minutes away, but I wanted to leave a lot of extra time before I left. The test wasn't that hard per se, except for the second math section. In this part, half of the questions were multiple choice and we were supposed to fill in the numerical answers for the other half. We were given 25 minutes for this section, but by the time the teacher called a ten minute warning, I still had lots of questions left. I had to rush to get to the last question, and I ended up skipping about six problems! I still think I did well overall. Last year I took the SSATs and got into the 89th percentile. I did perfect on the writing skills section, but I basically flunked the math section!
I was browsing the CNET Forums this morning, when I came across a hilarious video. It's a spoof of the PC vs Mac ads with the makers themselves, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. The video's about four minutes of hilarity, but at about three minutes and forty seconds, it gets inappropriate for about fifteen seconds. Regardless, a great watch for those of us who get the jokes. Here's the link: .
Driver's Ed was fun today. It was my first class--I need to take ten 3-hour classes in addition to my actual driving sessions. I already had a quiz (a simple one, on requirements and restrictions for different license types) and I got a 90%. Not too shabby. I just hope I score better in the car, when the time comes.
I have updated my blog over at with some new entries. Check it out if you're a Star Wars fan!

Start your engines!

Well, this is it.  In five days, I start taking classes for Drivers' Ed.  While I won't be getting on the road [with an instructor] for quite some time (about 10 weeks), I will be going through the mundane process of learning about turn signals, car proximity, and how to tell if it's a three-way intersection or a four-way.  So wish me luck! Oh, and I do have something on a more technological note.  I'm going to a preliminary meeting at my school for their Film Festival.  Now, you might think, given my love of (and proficiency at) filmmaking, that I might submit something.  Well, you're wrong .  There's actually a spot available on their team to design the official Film Festival website.  And yours truly here is going to volunteer.  Because who else would dare to challenge me to an HTML, CSS, XHTML, or JavaScript coding contest?  With my use of templates and online tutorials, I'd kill them! :-)