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I just realized--you guys reading this blog might think that all I use it for is to complain about life, and, well, stuff. Well, I submit to you that that is untrue. I also use it to talk about pictures like this one: It's a tiny camera inside what is ostensibly a maple seed. But instead of free-falling, this thing has jet boosters-- jet boosters! --to keep it in the air while its wireless communications equipment sends data back to its controller. Apparently the military will be using it to monitor hostile territory, scout out enemy troops, and detect chemical or biological weapons. I wouldn't be surprised if individuals on the CIA watch list find their houses bombarded with maple seeds. (image from CNET's Crave Blog )
Got my laptop back a little while ago, but until a few days ago I've been very busy packing for an overnight "bonding" trip with my schoool. Almost everyone in my grade went on it (it was mandatory for everyone in my grade, but some people got out of it), and...well, let's just say it wasn't fun. We got rained on all night, during which time everyone kept me up by talking, yelling, and generally being nuisances. Mind you, they didn't do it with the intent of keeping me up, but that was one of the results. As if the trip wasn't bad enough, we were also forced to do all kinds of activities that, let's just say, I wouldn't prefer to do. Overall, not a good way to spend Thursday and Friday. But I'm back now, and everything's right with the world again.
It's like the technology gods hate me or something. I sent my laptop and the new optical drive back to HP so they could replace it themselves, as you know. Although I sent it two days ago, I just checked its status today, and apparently it has STILL not arrived at the HP service center. That makes me worried that it may not get there; it's a very expensive laptop and I'd hate to wait for another one to be made (on HP's money, of course). In other news, I also need to send in my old Dell RAM that went bad, but the UPS truck that I scheduled for a pickup a few days ago has STILL not arrived.
The bad news just keeps coming, as I found out yesterday. Turns out I partially stripped (ruined) the screw on the underside of my laptop. So now I have to go through a lengthy process of sending the laptop to HP for them to replace the optical drive. A process which, at the worst, involves me being without a laptop for up to ten days! HP says once they get it, it will take 3-5 business days for me to get it back, or 7-9 business days at the latest. But I have my doubts about the HP service centers, especially after both the optical drive and the screw holding it in place proved unacceptably shoddy. More later as the situation unfolds. Except I'll be posting from my old desktop. *sniff*
Got my HP optical drive replacement! Unfortunately, now I can't find the right screwdriver to get the old one out. Oh well, to the hardware store...
Just a quick update on the HP optical drive issue. I received confirmation that my replacement will arrive by September 4th at 3:00 PM. If only that precision extended to their actual repair jobs. Oh, well...