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Drat. My new school starts on September 4th, giving me only a few more days of freedom. And I still don't have school supplies! As if things couldn't get worse, the DVD drive inside my laptop suffered a hardware failure. I called HP and surprisingly, they said I could get it replaced for free. Most likely it's because my laptop is quite new and under warranty.
California was great! We had a nice hotel room with a view overlooking the hotel's jacuzzis, which we went to on the last night. We also had a partial view of the beach, which was connected to the hotel property through a bridge. We went to the beach on our first full day. We also went into Laguna Beach during our vacation, and did a lot of shopping there. We went on a full day excursion to Catalina Island, off the Californian coast. There, we went on a rafting trip around the island looking for wildlife. We found a group of dolphins and got some great pictures! A few days later, it was time to head home again. Unfortunately, our plane was delayed an hour, so we ended up getting home well after midnight!
Just a quick update: the family crisis was partially abated and we made it to Orange County, California. The hotel is very nice, with a partial ocean view. Speaking of oceans...the beach is great! It's our first full day here and we managed to get a good spot on the beach. Unfortunately, the hotel was all sold out of umbrellas so we had to get one from a different store. The sun was merciless! More after the trip.
Free at last! I'm now posting to this blog from my new laptop, the HP Pavilion dv9500t. The Wii is all set up, as is the new 46" Sony Bravia HDTV. Our new family computer, the HP Pavilion m8100y, and my sister's new computer, the HP Pavilion s3100y, are on the way. We are supposed to be leaving for Orange County, California, tomorrow morning at 5:30 AM! Unfortunately, an unexpected family emergency has arisen and we might not go. I'll post again after the trip or with any other updates. Just BTW, I won't have Internet all that much in California if we go, so don't expect too many blog posts.