Political Link List: November 5, 2012

In this, the last political link list before Election Day, an all-New York Times edition of the list.

The New York Times: Ryan, Quiet for Now, Is Said to Be Planning for an Active Role (by Trip Gabriel)
Key passage: “Whether Mr. Ryan would be a wrangler of House conservatives in support of a White House seeking to reach across the aisle, or an agent of the Tea Party who keeps Mr. Romney from deviating from the true path, is a subject of much debate.”

The New York Times: Getting Out the Ohio Vote, Campaigns Are a Study in Contrasts (by Monica Davey and Michael Wines)
Key passage: “As a marathon campaign in Ohio nears a conclusion that its weary residents surely yearn for, the contest between President Obama and Mitt Romney has devolved into political trench warfare. It is a close-quarters fight: Mr. Obama’s operation, built over four years with more than a hundred offices around Ohio and hundreds more living rooms, office basements and even garages set aside as Election Day “staging locations,” versus the raw anger, worry and drive of a more recent set of Romney organizers.”

The New York Times: Challenger at the Crossroads (by Ashley Parker and Michael Barbaro)
Key passage: “[Romney] is a careful student of the race that has enveloped his life. When he boards the front cabin of his campaign plane each morning, aides have already arranged the local and national newspapers on the table before him. He is a scanner of headlines and photos, not a cover-to-cover reader, they said. (“Four Days to Seal the Deal,” was the first headline he saw Friday, on the cover of USA Today.) In the waning days of the race, Mr. Romney’s world has become smaller and ever more tightly controlled. He no longer ventures to the press cabin of his plane, as he used to, apparently fearing an encounter that could change the contours of the race.”

The New York Times: Facing an Election Night Clamor (by Brian Stelter)
Key passage: “Executives at the major networks said in interviews that they don’t expect to be able to project a winner at 11 p.m. this year, given the closeness of the presidential race in several swing states. “I’m not even going to guess what time it will be,” said Marc Burstein, the senior executive producer for special events at ABC News. He predicted an abundance of caution this year because of the trend of early voting in many states. All of the executives interviewed said they would be entirely comfortable making projections after their competitors. “In a close contest, we’ll simply wait,” said Sam Feist, the Washington bureau chief for CNN. And all of them cited the journalism chestnut that it’s better to be right than first. “It’s always lovely when the two coincide,” said Ms. Ciprian-Matthews of CBS, “but everybody here is absolutely on the same page: accuracy comes first.””

The New York Times: Voice Is Strained, but Support on the Trail Unstinting (by Mark Leibovich)
Key passage: “Mr. Clinton’s presidency exemplifies what Mr. Obama is trying to make a case for. In the early 1990s, President Clinton also inherited a lagging economy, and then he led economic prosperity in his second term. Mr. Obama, who wrapped his former rival in a full-on hug onstage in Charlotte (their recent joint appearances have featured more cursory bro-hugs), said he should name Mr. Clinton to a new position known as Secretary for Explaining Stuff. Out of public view, the former president has been equally tireless. In a 20-minute car ride Saturday after a rally in Chesapeake, Va., to the Norfolk airport, Mr. Clinton recorded 40 “robo-calls” for Democratic Congressional candidates across the country. In addition to headlining 37 rallies for Mr. Obama over the last seven weeks of the campaign (including events scheduled through Monday), Mr. Clinton is serving as a back-channel strategist for the re-election enterprise.”