Political Link List: October 10, 2012

New York Times: A Move Toward Romney in Polls, but Will It Last? (by Michael D. Shear)
Key passage: “For Mr. Romney, the danger is that his newfound popularity does not necessarily reflect a fundamental altering of the dynamics of the race against Mr. Obama. A 90-minute debate — even one watched by 70 million people — does not change the Obama campaign’s field operations in swing states or take away the trappings of the presidency that Mr. Obama enjoys.”

New York Times: Weighing the Effect of an Exit of Centrists (by Jennifer Steinhauer)
Key passage: “In theory, the dearth of moderates means it will be even harder next year for Congress — which failed to put together even mundane measures like farm and highway legislation without a fight this session — to pass bills. But Congress is facing so many potentially calamitous tax and budget issues that another theory is brewing: a combination of Democrats, once averse to changes to social welfare programs, and senior Republicans may form some sort of new deal-making consensus through sheer necessity to avoid large tax increases and significant military cuts.”

New York Times: Romney Strives to Stand Apart in Global Policy (by David E. Sanger)
Key passage: “Two of Mr. Romney’s advisers said he did not seem to have the strong instincts that he has on economic issues; he resonates best, one said, to the concept of “projecting strength” and “restoring global economic growth.” But he has appeared unconcerned about the widely differing views within his own campaign about whether spreading American-style freedoms in the Middle East or simply managing, and limiting, the rise of Islamist governments should be a major goal.”