Political Link List: September 26, 2012

From China to Ohio to campaign spending data…

New York Times: Obama’s Journey to Tougher Tack on a Rising China (by Mark Landler)
Key passage: “To some extent, Mr. Obama’s learning curve on China parallels his early outreach to Iran: an initial hope that old adversaries could put aside their differences, followed by a jolting recognition of reality and the ultimate adoption of a realpolitik approach. The difference, officials argue, is that in this case the tougher line has led not to stalemate but to a constructive give-and-take with a country bound to rub up against the United States.”

Washington Post: How the presidential campaigns are spending money, in one chart (by Sean Sullivan)
Click on the link and check out the chart! Here’s a cool fact from the data: “Interestingly, Romney and his allies have dedicated about $29 million more to mail than Obama’s side, dishing out nearly $100 million. Direct mail is a much more targeted medium that leaves room for tailoring messages to specific parts of the electorate.”

Washington Post: Obama showering Ohio with attention and money (by Jerry Markon and Alice Crites)
Key passage: “The president has eaten Cincinnati chili, led the cheers for Ohio State basketball and planted himself in the back yard of a Columbus family to highlight, next to their tomato garden, what his policies did for them. His trips, along with repeated outings by Biden (18 visits) and other Cabinet members, often have come with good news about funding and other government largess.”


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