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The West Wing: Where All My Favorite Shows Got Their Talent

When The Clone Wars writer Katie Lucas (yes, that Lucas) compared me to The West Wing’s Josh Lyman, and I admitted that I’d never seen the show, she strongly recommended that I watch it. Five minutes into the series pilot, I was hooked. A number of things stood out to me about the show, not the least of which was the fact that I agreed with nearly every one of President Bartlet’s policy initiatives. Aaron Sorkin’s dialog is outstanding, the main cast shines in every episode, and the show does a great job of exploring American politics. None of this was particularly surprising as I delved deeper into the series. What I didn’t expect was that, over the course of its seven seasons, The West Wing would feature a variety of key actors from my other favorite shows and movies. I’ve collected a partial list here so you can see just what I’m talking about.
Rob Lowe (Sam Seaborn, starring in Seasons 1 through 4) – Chris Traeger on Parks and RecreationJohn de Lancie (Al Kiefer in 20 Hours in…

Returning To Disney World

On Thursday, I’m off to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida for a weekend of Star Wars fun. The event is called, appropriately enough, “Star Wars Weekends,” and it features Star Wars activities, shows, events, and celebrities spread out around Disney’s Hollywood Studios. While I can’t wait to ride the new version of the Star Tours simulator adventure, Star Tours – The Adventures Continue, I’m equally excited to see some of my good friends for the first time in months. This will be my second vacation to Disney World, and to celebrate my return, I thought I’d share a funny story from the last time I was there.

My family at Walt Disney World, August 2004
I don’t remember much about my first trip to Disney World, which happened in August 2004. Due to a freak accident with my camera’s SD card, I lost all my pictures from that trip before I could back them up. Thus, the only images that survive, such as the one above, are from my parents’ camera. I do know that I rode the original Star To…

The Stars, They Doth War

Image courtesy of Wikipedia
I have just determined that Shakespeare is George Lucas.


Shakespeare’s first “War of the Roses” tetralogy, which included Henry VI, Part 1, Henry VI, Part 2, Henry VI, Part 3, and Richard III, is the second half of his chronicle of the English civil war.

His second published tetralogy, which included Richard II, Henry IV, Part 1, Henry IV, Part 2, and Henry V, set up the events of his first tetralogy.


The things you learn in English class, let me tell you…

The Force Is With This Car Commercial

Let me be clear: I know next to nothing about the Super Bowl. I saw the #superbowl hashtag on Twitter and assumed that a video featuring remarkable Strigiformes had gone viral. But even though I could care less about football, I found something to love about tonight’s event.Above I’ve embedded what may be the best car commercial of all time, created to promote Volkswagen’s 2012 Passat. It’s certainly one of the most entertaining Super Bowl commercials I’ve ever seen. It’s just cheesy enough to get the job done, with zero “groan factor” (not so common in ads these days) and maximum sentimentality.Should you buy a 2012 Volkswagen Passat? I have no clue. But you should definitely watch VW’s Star Wars Super Bowl commercial over and over again, marveling each time at how perfectly it captures the spirit of young Star Wars fans and plays on everyone’s inner desire to use the Force.

Why I Love Kenyon

These are screenshots from an email that my English professor just sent our class regarding tomorrow’s projected snowstorm of doom. Click for larger views.First, props to her for this reference to the opening line of Richard III, which we’re reading right now in class.Second, the obligatory Doomsday warning:Followed by more apocalypse humor:But look closer at that list.Star Wars reference FTW!Yep, Kenyon’s awesome.Also, this may be my last blog post if the snow buries us all tomorrow.