Too Many Books, So Little Time

Do you ever tell yourself, “I’ll read that book and be done with it in no time!” only to discover that “no time” actually takes a while? That’s me right now. I am almost done with one book, but I have three more in the queue. These aren’t just any books, though. These are the last few unread books in my Star Wars collection, which means that catching up (and staying caught up) is a priority if I want to keep following this universe. The book I’m reading now is good, so the reason that it languishes on my shelf is not a lack of interest.

No, my problem is more sinister. I find that I’m constantly getting sucked into stuff online despite my repeated self-assurances that I will sit down and read. I have a comfy recliner and everything; it’s just too tempting to browse the Internet.

There may in fact be a twelve-step program for this kind of thing. “Can’t step away from your computer long enough to read a chapter from that novel? Is your TweetDeck notification sound constantly tearing you away from the escapism of a good book?" We can help!” Sadly, I bet I would just resort to reading articles online about how to detach, and that’s just furthering the problem.

But I digress. The other problem here is that Star Wars books are coming out almost every month, which, while great for expanding the universe and offering choices for casual readers, is a problem for completists like myself. Between classes and the magical World Wide Web, I rarely sit down and read for extended periods of time.

Am I hurting my brain? Probably not. A goodly portion of my time online involves reading fascinating scientific or technological articles, so I doubt I’m turning into a zombie. Still, I hear good things about some of these Star Wars novels, and it would be great to get caught up again. Not to mention the fact that I also have an assigned novel to read for the beginning of the Spring semester. That will take priority over both my Star Wars reading and my computing once it gets down to the last week before classes resume.

By the way, my goal with this blog post was to present the dilemma so clearly to myself that I would be forced to stop writing mid-sentence and pick up my current book. It didn’t work.