This is the most famous part of Middle Path, the campus's main artery.

I won’t spend time summing up my Mediterranean cruise, or the awesomeness that followed at Celebration V. Let’s just say that they were both exciting experiences. If you want to read a CV report I wrote for TheForce.Net, click here (my photos from the convention are also there). As always, you can get real-time updates on my life by following me on Twitter.

I will, however, talk about college. I started at Kenyon on August 22nd and I’ve had a great time so far. I have a single room, and even though it’s small, I have room for everything I need, and I love the autonomy. My building is located near a lot of the local businesses (café, bookstore, bank, Post Office), but on the other side of campus from the classrooms, dining hall, and library. For now (a.k.a. while it’s sunny and warm), this doesn’t bother me. The campus is beautiful and connected from end to end by a wide gravel path, so walking around is pleasant.

So, college. It’s not as different as I thought. I still feel like the same person, albeit with more freedom and responsibility. I have to do my own laundry and vacuum my own room, so that’s new. But I have the same interests, Twitter friends, clothes, and hairstyle. Looking back, it’s hard to remember what I thought would change as I contemplated college while in high school.

In case you’re interested, here are my classes:
  • Philosophy: Intro to Ethics
  • Intro to Psychology: Basic Processes
  • English: Elizabethan Age
  • Political Science: The Quest for Justice
I have two schedules, each with two classes (one in the morning and one in the afternoon). One schedule is for MWF and one is for TR (which somehow stands for Tuesday-Thursday). All four of my classes are interesting, although I am finding English and PolySci the most engaging. They meet in seminar rooms, whereas the other two are lecture-style classes. All four of my professors are extremely nice and approachable.

It’s nice to not have class until 9:40am at the earliest, but I’m still trying to figure out a routine that allows me to grab breakfast without waking up too early. Lunch is sometimes problematic as well because of the overlap between lunch hours and my in-between-class free time. No worries, though: I still anticipate hitting my Freshman 15.

One of the great things about college is how the campus feels like its own town. They have all kinds of services, opportunities, clubs, and resources here. I suppose this would be true of any college, but it’s impressive how much of a miniature ecosystem this place is. (Then again, being in a small town in the middle of nowhere might have necessitated that.)

Internet is not bad, although it’s definitely slower here than at home. (I’m sharing a connection with thousands of other people!) I’m still able to stream live stuff from services like Ustream, and Slingbox (which lets me watch TV channels from back home in DC) has been a godsend.

In non-college news, I can’t wait for the premiere of Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 3 on Friday, September 17th. This will be the second season I review for TFN (you can see those reviews here) and it looks like the team at Lucasfilm Animation has really taken the series to a whole new level. I met a lot of the people behind The Clone Wars at Celebration V (most for the second time), and I trust them to create magnificent new Star Wars content for us every week.

I’d love to keep writing, but I’m in college now, so I have to go to a wild drunken sex party.*

* I did not actually go to a wild drunken sex party after I wrote this post. The party didn’t start until a few hours later.