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Studying the Effects of The Star Wars Holiday Special

I think someone should do a study investigating the psychological impact of The Star Wars Holiday Special. Now, that may sound crazy, but I think we owe it to ourselves (not to mention subsequent generations of Star Wars fans) to look into the risks we’re dealing with here. I mean, think about it: It’s entirely possible that this 1978 atrocity has been corrupting the minds of our youth since its original airing, and we lack the conclusive evidence to ban it.I propose that Lucasfilm fund a study to look into this matter. George has the money and certainly the desire to impose sanctions on anyone caught with a copy of The Holiday Special. He and his company could bring the might of scientific inquiry to bear and ascertain whether or not there is sufficient evidence to take action against the TV special. That being said, I’m not going to sit on the sidelines in all of this (when have I ever done that with Star Wars issues?). I have drafted a preliminary outline of how to proceed.

Merry Christmas

(And Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Joyous Festivus, etc. etc.)
It’s been weeks since Hanukkah ended, what’s so special about today? December 25th! Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a bunch of Star Wars Christmas goodies!

The Best (Only?) Star Wars Christmas Album EverIn addition to featuring the recording debut of Jon Bon Jovi, “Christmas in the Stars” is an all-around good time, with voice work from Anthony Daniels (C-3PO himself) and authentic droid beeps. The songs are based in part on traditional Christmas tunes, and the Star Wars vibe really enhances the feeling of holiday cheer. Here’s a sample track from the album.
Download this MP3 - (Right Click) A Very “Special” Holiday SpecialIn general, mockery and criticism of The Star Wars Holiday Special is much more enjoyable than viewing the special itself. However, you can watch it here if you really want to. Afterward, check out this far-superior Star Wars holiday video and ask yourself why you just wasted all that time wat…

Too Many Books, So Little Time

Do you ever tell yourself, “I’ll read that book and be done with it in no time!” only to discover that “no time” actually takes a while? That’s me right now. I am almost done with one book, but I have three more in the queue. These aren’t just any books, though. These are the last few unread books in my Star Wars collection, which means that catching up (and staying caught up) is a priority if I want to keep following this universe. The book I’m reading now is good, so the reason that it languishes on my shelf is not a lack of interest.No, my problem is more sinister. I find that I’m constantly getting sucked into stuff online despite my repeated self-assurances that I will sit down and read. I have a comfy recliner and everything; it’s just too tempting to browse the Internet.There may in fact be a twelve-step program for this kind of thing. “Can’t step away from your computer long enough to read a chapter from that novel? Is your TweetDeck notification sound constantly tearing you a…

Giving Thanks

I’m home from college on a week-long break (I fly back on Sunday), which means I get to see family and sleep in my own bed. I also ran into some former classmates earlier this week when I visited my high school, so that was fun. My own bedroom still feels more like “home,” but I expect that I’ll soon grow equally comfortable at college. All in all, it’s been a relaxing week. The weirdness of “going home for break” is slowly wearing off.But enough about me. Today is Thanksgiving Day in the United States, so thank you to everyone who is a part of my life, directly or indirectly.Family – self-explanatoryFriends from all over the world – People I know from school, people I know from Star Wars…you know who you are, and you rock!People who have taught and mentored me – I am me in large part because of youMembers of our armed forces who defend our freedom and suffer for it every single day, and first responders who risk their lives here on the home front – I salute you allCelebrities who are…

My First Rally

When Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert announced their D.C. events late last week, I knew I had to go. They’re two of the funniest people in the world, so how could this not be fantastic? Besides, their events are taking place on the National Mall, which is less than 45 minutes from where I live. There was no way I could miss this.Well, the flights are booked, and it looks like I’ll be attending Stewart’s Rally to Restore Sanity and Colbert’s March to Keep Fear Alive on October 30th. I’m not sure how they’re going to do these two events on the same day in the same space. I think it would be funny if both comedians rallied their troops on opposite sides of the Mall before ending the combined events on a central stage with a heartfelt message of cooperation. (Or perhaps a fierce battle!)Several of my friends are going to the rally/march, and some people here at college were asking to stay at my house overnight so they could attend. (Yeah, that’s not going to happen.) The last time I went …


I won’t spend time summing up my Mediterranean cruise, or the awesomeness that followed at Celebration V. Let’s just say that they were both exciting experiences. If you want to read a CV report I wrote for TheForce.Net, click here (my photos from the convention are also there). As always, you can get real-time updates on my life by following me on Twitter.

I will, however, talk about college. I started at Kenyon on August 22nd and I’ve had a great time so far. I have a single room, and even though it’s small, I have room for everything I need, and I love the autonomy. My building is located near a lot of the local businesses (café, bookstore, bank, Post Office), but on the other side of campus from the classrooms, dining hall, and library. For now (a.k.a. while it’s sunny and warm), this doesn’t bother me. The campus is beautiful and connected from end to end by a wide gravel path, so walking around is pleasant.

So, college. It’s not as different as I thought. I still feel like the …

Summer Winds Down, But The Anticipation Ramps Up

With less than a month left in my summer, the real vacation is about to begin.Sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve been busy and … well, okay, no I haven’t. But I have been lazy. Anyway, I finished my summer job – IT at my former high school -- last week. I was glad to spend a few more months with the guys in the tech department; they were some of the best people I met in my three years there. Plus, I made some money which will undoubtedly come in handy at college.Tomorrow afternoon, we leave for a twelve-day vacation. First we fly to Barcelona via Frankfurt. We stay there for a few days before heading to the port for an eight-night Mediterranean cruise on Royal Caribbean. We fly home after the cruise – just two days before I fly out to Orlando for Star Wars Celebration V.I have been on two cruises before, one to Alaska and one to the Western Caribbean. I love the all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant, the feeling of independence (I can ice-skate whenever I want!), and the exciting shore e…

Star Wars GPS Voices: A Galaxy Car, Car Away

Amid yesterday’s International Star Wars Day festivities, TomTom announced that they were bringing Star Wars voices to their GPS units.  Darth Vader is available now, and C-3PO, Yoda, and Han Solo will be released throughout the summer.  You can find out more about Star Wars on TomTom devices, and enjoy a funny video of Vader recording lines for the GPS, at the TomTom website.I have a Motorola Droid with Google Maps-based navigation services, so I won’t be getting one of these myself.  However, I did spend some time thinking about this new partnership, and I’ve determined one thing: Star Wars on your GPS means hilarious new lines from some of the saga’s most iconic characters.  Imagine the many places TomTom could take this line of voices -- picture Jar Jar telling you to make a legal U-turn, or Obi-Wan bemoaning the fact that you missed your exit.I’m sure that TomTom, through its partnership with, has already started to create voice tracks for the three forthcoming Sta…

Happy Star Wars Day!

Today is International Star Wars Day, or as we call it, “May The Fourth Be With You.”  Every May 4th, our fandom unites to celebrate the enduring success of the world’s most popular science-fiction franchise.  Today is the best day of the year to break out that Jar Jar costume or put on the papier-mâché Jabba the Hutt mask. (On second thought, perhaps there’s really no good day to wear either of those things.)The best way to celebrate this “holiday” is by calling all of your friends and family and spouting lines from the movies.  If you want to go really hardcore, throw in some lines from Expanded Universe books. (Note: Do not actually make these calls unless you have had a lot of blue milk.)As I get older, Star Wars continues to play an important role in my life, and I don’t see that changing any time soon.  I’ve met a lot of good friends through the Star Wars franchise, many of whom I consider among some of my best friends.  I’ve also had a blast attending two conventions, with a th…

Get Into College? Check.

I suppose I should give this blog more attention than I have recently.  For example, though I tweeted about it, I neglected to write a post about how I was accepted to Kenyon College for the Class of 2014.  Kenyon is a great school, and I was extremely relieved when I got the acceptance letter.  The envelope it came in had a big thumbs-up on the front, which I guess should have been a clue as to its contents, but I was too focused on ripping it open to notice the outside.Now that my college search, application, and acceptance process is done, I feel as if a huge weigh has been lifted off my shoulders.  There are still three and a half months left in the school year, and Kenyon does require successful completion of senior year, but I don’t think that will be a problem.  I’m doing well in all my classes, and nothing worrisome is on the horizon -- with the exception of a twenty-something-page paper for my Constitutional Law class that stresses me out purely because of its length and my p…

Star Wars Politics: The Book

I’ve recently begun writing for the blog of my good friend Mandy.  My latest entry on her blog is a brainstorming session for a “politics of Star Wars” book.  Check it out here, and make sure you browse through her other great entries too.

Some Thoughts on Avatar and Star Wars

First of all, I haven’t seen the movie.  The statements I will be making are based purely on the aggregate of what I’ve read online.  But I don’t even need to see Avatar in order to make my next statement: Avatar will never reach the popularity and success of Star Wars.  It simply never will.Now let’s look at why.First, while Avatar may be on par with Star Wars in terms of special effects, that’s just about all it has going for it.  The story of Avatar is pretty flimsy; indeed, almost all of the praise for Avatar has been for its outstanding 3D imagery.  So even if the eventual Star Wars 3D re-releases don’t blow Avatar out of the water (as I expect them to), Lucasfilm has nothing to worry about.  3D imagery can bring in crowds like nothing else, but only because it’s new.  There’s nothing inherently better about the content of Avatar just because it’s in 3D (and therefore garners monumental interest).Next, the mythology.  I’ve heard some people say that there’s a lot of mythology in

Jack is Back!

Tonight is the night.In just a few short hours, Jack Bauer will return to television as part of 24’s eighth season.  It’s something that a lot of us have been waiting for since the last season ended on May 18, 2009.The theme of Season 8 seems to be, “Yay torture!”  Fans following 24 will remember that Jack Bauer’s FBI friend Renee Walker was shown going dark at the end of the last season.  Word has it that she will be shown getting progressively darker as Season 8 opens. has an interview with Renee Walker actress Annie Wersching, where she says of her character, “Now she’s not going to lose anything if she does something bad.”  In short, it sounds like we’ll be getting a lot of torture in this season.Now, I’m no conservative crazy-head who thinks that torture is justified whenever we need to protect our country.  After all, this is America; we have should have standards.  I don’t necessarily watch 24 because I agree with everything it presents.  I just really like the fast-…

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2010, everyone.I don’t know about the rest of you, but I had a blast on New Year’s Eve.  I had the honor of hosting the ForceCast’s New Year’s Eve party, which was nothing short of awesome.  The event took place in the TFN live chat room, which has historically been a great place for all  manner of gatherings.  This was no exception.  Starting a little after 10pm ET, I, along with other East Coast participants, started my Special Edition DVD of Star Wars: A New Hope.  We watched the movie for the next hour and fifty-ish minutes, all the while chatting it up with fellow fans.  For those of us who timed it right, the Rebels blew up the Death Star at the stroke of midnight.After the East Coast had their fun, the Central time zone was up next.  And the Force was with us last night – shortly after the East Coast got started, The ForceCast’s own Jimmy Mac joined us in the chat from Chicago.  We were joined soon thereafter by Jimmy’s son Michael and his wife Wendy.  I really enjoy…