Technology Sucks (But It Still Rocks)

My laptop’s screen broke.  Again.  Same issue as before, or so I assume (turning on the laptop produced the same problem as before).  Same fix too: I dropped off the laptop at Staples EasyTech on Saturday.  The repair process is estimated to take 7-10 days, which means I’ll be without it for about two weeks, given how much they underestimate.  I am fortunate enough to have a working desktop that I can fall back on, but not having the portability of a laptop certainly hampers some things.

I’d like to think I practice smart computing; I do complete backups of my laptop daily, and I’m careful to keep the most precious data online as well.  I have a copy of all my data on an external hard drive, so schoolwork should proceed as normal.  It’s the legwork needed to re-migrate new data back onto the repaired laptop – among other little things – that annoys me.

Luckily for me, I’ll be getting a new laptop for college.


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