Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is Thanksgiving in the United States of America.  We give thanks for all the great things we have in life that many across the country are not fortunate enough to have.  Here’s my list.

    1. My health
    2. A loving family
    3. A supportive school community
    4. A phenomenal group of friends, both locally and around the world
    5. A roof over my head and food on my plate

I am obviously forgetting many elements of my life that I take for granted each and every day, but I wanted to restrict this list to five items so I didn’t go on forever.  If you have made a positive influence in my life, consider yourself thanked.

Today’s festivities also remind me of my first exposure to the ForceCast.  On Thanksgiving Day, November 23, 2006, I was traveling to Michigan for a get-together with relatives.  I knew I would be bored during the flight and the drives, and I anticipated being bored with occasional down time during the weekend.  I’m not sure how I thought of podcasts as a way to kill time, but once I did, I was downloading MP3 files like crazy from shows like Buzz Out Loud, This WEEK in TECH, and others.  I started with tech because that was my current passion, but I decided to try searching for “Star Wars podcast” on Google on a whim.  My Star Wars passion was dwindling, but the first result on Google definitely rekindled it.  It said “TheForce.Net – Podcast”, and the attached MP3 file -- “Forcecast-111706.mp3” – launched me into a whole new world of Star Wars fandom.  So today, in addition to the essentials, I give thanks for The ForceCast, for opening a new door for me.

 Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!


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