“Whistling into the Wind” (A.K.A. Problems with Web Publishing)

There was an excellent conversation about the state of web publishing on this week’s episode of This WEEK in TECH.  TWiT, as fans call it, is the Internet’s most popular technology podcast, hosted by Leo Laporte and consisting of a rotating panel of guest luminaries.  This most recent episode featured Leo and three guests discussing the current web publishing situation, the hazards of posting to closed (and flaky) platforms, and the reinvigoration of blogs as a form of chronicling one’s thoughts.  The discussion centers around one of the most important issues in today’s digital world: where’s the best place to publish your stuff?

But I digress.

TWiT is an excellent podcast in general, but today’s episode was particularly interesting to people like myself who follow these high-tech trends.  If you consider yourself to be part of “the digerati,” I recommend giving this episode a listen.