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Along the same lines as my last post, I have yet another audio recommendation for you, the loyal reader.  This one is also available as a podcast, but it originally aired on a very old broadcast medium: the radio.  Specifically, this is from a talk program called The Diane Rehm Show on WAMU 88.5, the D.C. area NPR station.  This edition of the program featured an interview with Scott Rosenberg, author of the new book on blogging called Say Everything.  As someone who evangelizes blogging and new-media journalism in general, this book looks fascinating to me.  In fact, it’s number one on my purchase list right now.

In the radio interview, Rosenberg talks about how blogging is revolutionizing both journalism and the world in general.  For some of you techies out there, some of what he says may be obvious to you.  But Rosenberg does an excellent job explaining both why blogging has caught on and why it’s vital for the future.  I highly recommend listening to this interview, whether you are an avid blogger or someone trying to understand it all.  You can find the interview here.


  1. Hmmm... This sounds interesting. I'll have to check it out. Thanks for the rec! PS. LOOK AT YOU BLOGGING UP A STORM!!!!


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