College Search Week Wrap-Up

Today we visited the last college on a marathon week-long visit trip.  I pretty much liked all of the colleges we saw.  They’re all small liberal arts colleges in the Northeast, with flexible course requirements and a big emphasis on the faculty-student relationship.  I could see myself at one of them more so than the others, but they’re all very hard to get into, so I’ll skip the name-dropping in case they are reading this.  (Would you accept a student who said you weren’t his first choice?)

The college search is a very long and arduous process, but I think I’m well on my way.  I’m almost done with my Common Application, although now I think I may change my topic.  (Damn you, vacillating mind!)  I have my recommendations lined up, and one of them is confirmed.  I have my SAT IIs done, and I will take the regular SAT again to make sure I’ve gotten the most out of the test.  I may take the ACT, just because I have been told I’d do well on it.

Here’s a list of the colleges I saw this week:

Monday – Drew University

Tuesday – University of Rochester

Wednesday – Hamilton College

Thursday – Skidmore College

Friday – Brandeis University

Also, who knew that there were so many colleges on Twitter?


(Image from Flickr user drmillerlg)


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