Travel Hassles Can Pay Off

As I write this, I’m sitting in the United Red Carpet Club lounge at Frankfurt International Airport.  Our flight here from Dulles was delayed several hours due to thunderstorms, so we missed our connecting flight to Tel Aviv and had to book another one.  The only problem is that it’s 11:30am local time as I write this (it will be published later, but I’ll get to that), and our flight is at 10:00pm.  That means we have an outrageous amount of time to kill before we board.  We were able to get to the United lounge, but this place closes at 5:30pm.  Luckily, we were told that we could go to the Lufthansa lounge after that.

The best part of this “my dad is a Global Services member” thing is that they let us into the First Class section of the United lounge even though we’re not flying First Class to Tel Aviv.  They have soup, sandwiches, and pizza in here – as well as the usual assortment of cookies, candies, and snacks.  The only downside is that the T-Mobile Hotspot service isn’t free – not even to Global Services members.  They gave us a 1-hour access card for free, but we’re waiting to use it until later in our stay.  That’s why I’m writing this at 11:30am despite the fact that you’re reading it much later: I’m waiting to hit the “post” button until my hour starts.

I’ll try to provide more updates as the trip continues, but you should check my Twitter page ( for all the details.

UPDATE 2:37PM: My stomach hurts.  Maybe I shouldn’t have eaten all that food in this lounge.  But it was so free!

UPDATE 3:40PM: Our free Internet card isn’t working.  It says 05-2009 on it, which leads me to believe that it expired.  Leave it to the airlines to ruin the one free thing I really care about.