Holiday wrap-up, plus some looking ahead


Wow, that was a great trip to Florida.  We took tons of pictures, shot some video, collected sea shells, walked along the beach, swam, went down near-vertical slides, and overall had a great time.  The hotel was very nice, and even though the Internet wasn’t great, I still managed to do all the usual things.  We bought a little more in terms of groceries than we needed to, but we do that every time we have a kitchen on vacation.  It was great to relax after a long first half of the school year, and to forget about most of my responsibilities from back home.

As last Monday was the first night of Hanukkah, it was then that the gifting began.  I received my most-wanted gift this holiday season: Canon’s SD790IS 10-megapixel digital camera.  I even got a 4GB SD card to go with it.  Needless to say, I broke it out immediately and began snapping shots.  After we returned home, we continued the gift-giving and receiving.  I also received a check from my grandmother, a Borders gift card from my parents, and some cash.  I put all of the money in the bank immediately and plan on saving it and spending it wisely.  Today I went and bought a new Star Wars book using the gift card.  Overall, it was a great holiday.

New Year’s Eve is fast approaching!  I’ll be watching CNN, with Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin, tomorrow night.  My sister is throwing a party for her friends, complete with games and snacks.  If you don’t want to watch any particular network tomorrow night, check out Hulu’s livestream from Time Square.