Which is scarier, Halloween or Election Night?

This past month has been a whirlwind of events.  A lot has happened, and now I’ll try to catch you all up on what’s been going down.

In early October, I drove with my family to New York City, to attend a 100th birthday for my paternal aunt’s mother.  She’s the first person I know to hit the triple digits.  I ended up sitting at the “kids” table with my sister and seven other people (all older teenagers or college students).  It was not the social highlight of the evening.  But I was asked beforehand to be the official photographer and videographer for the birthday party, so I arrived with camera and camcorder in hand.  The most interesting part of the event was hearing the birthday girl give her speech.  “It’s always great to hear the eulogies about you with your eyes open,” she remarked.

In mid-October, on a Saturday morning, I had to wake up at the usual “get ready for school” hour.  Because in a sense, I was doing exactly that.  On that day, I took the PSATs.  I think I did very well in all areas, mostly because I had extra time to check my answers.  I am hoping that the scoring report I’ll receive in the next month or two will look good in my college resume.  I also hope that the PSATs prepared me for the actual SATs.  After all, what does the “P” stand for if not “Preliminary”? (trick question: I know it stands for “preliminary”)

And speaking of tricks, and, for that matter, treats…it’s Halloween time again!  After the lackluster letdown that was last year’s Halloween, I am hoping for renewed turnout this year.  If for no other reason than that kids can dress up as characters from The Clone Wars. (more on that in a minute)  I’ll be staying at home for the night yet again; trick-or-treating isn’t my thing anymore.  Plus, I don’t know what costume I’d pick anyway.  But regardless of the number of trick-or-treaters we get at home, I know one thing: you’re never too old to eat the remaining candy.

Lucasfilm’s brand-new animated television series Star Wars: The Clone Wars is off to a great start.  The two-episode series premiere on Friday, October 3, at 9 p.m., was spectacular.  One of the episodes dealt with Yoda and his typical mix of wise words and battle prowess.  The other episode was about the Jedi discovering a “malevolent” Separatist plot.  Overall, I give the series so far an “A”.  There is really nothing about the five episodes I’ve seen so far that does not appeal to me on some level, whether it’s the darker, heavier moments when clones are going down, or the lighter, funnier moments of battle droid humor.

A few weeks ago, I took my last behind-the-wheel driving lesson.  It was the third of three that I needed to complete along with long-since-past classroom hours.  Now I need to focus a lot on practicing; it’s the one tip I’ve received from all three of my in-car instructors.  I feel comfortable on the road, but I haven’t had enough practice yet to instinctively make the decisions necessary to drive successfully.

In a few days, our nation will elect the next President of the United States.  And while my political leaning is clear, it should be noted that I only recently got into politics.  I realized that, for our country to hold together and solve the troubling issues before us, we needed to understand the politics, issues, and stances, no matter how old we are.  Obviously there’s a limit to how much a four-year-old can understand about abortion, but my opinion is that the younger they start, the more time they have to develop opinions.  I personally feel like I’ve gotten into politics fairly late in the game, considering my age.  So I started devouring CNN, NYTimes.com, and the Daily Show.  Then I expanded to the Washington Post and the Colbert Report.  Soon after, I was doing my homework while listening to NPR.  I was, in short, obsessed with politics.  And in a few days, my parents will be hosting an Election Night Party.  This will be the first event in many years where our house is full of strangers and I’m not sitting in hermitage in my room.  I’ll certainly be spending most of my time there, because I’ll have a TV signal and live Twitter coverage at my fingertips.  But during the off-hours of the party, I’ll be mingling with my parents’ friends and gaining a better understanding of politics.  My dad works in his office with one of Joe Biden’s closest advisors.  He would have been a star at the party, for sure, but I think he’ll be with the Biden family watching the results as anxiously as us.  My attempts to get Biden on a live link for a few minutes during the night’s proceedings likewise fell short.  Doesn’t he care about Eric the Student?

The past month was an interesting one, and the next few days will be even more interesting still.  But the fact remains that no matter who wins this election, I’ll still be blogging, Twittering, and forum-posting for years to come.

Unless tax hikes force my parents to stop paying for Internet.