Next Stop: Rehoboth

I'm pretty sure that volunteer work with OCP was my first real job.  And what a job it was.  I met some really nice people; helped fix errors, streamline documents, and generate new content; and learned valuable workplace skills.  Now that I've had a semi-cube-farm-esque job, I'll be ready to take on another one when the time comes.  I also got enough community service hours to satisfy my recently-concluded school year, as well as next year.  Considering how hard it was to find a good community service job this year, I consider that payment enough.

Happy Father's Day to all fathers, by the way.  This morning I tried to get our dog to wear a messenger bag stuffed with newspapers as we brought my dad breakfast in bed.  Not only was it too big for Maddie, but it also scared her half to death.  After several failed attempts to get her to bring my dad her own card, we gave up.  I don't mean to harp on Maddie, it's just ... oh, for god's sake, she can't even roll over!

Next up on my summer agenda is a family vacation to Rehoboth from June 19th to June 24th.  I'll be bringing my laptop with us, because I recently figured out how to use my dad's Blackberry as a modem on the road.  The connection will be painfully slow compared to our cable Internet at home, but at least I'll be able to read the news, check forums, and post to Twitter.

Our hotel in Rehoboth is right next to the beach and the boardwalk.  It's two blocks from the bustling town proper.  It has a small swimming pool, but we'll be at the beach frequently.  There's supposed to be lots of good food as well.  I wouldn't know.  Every time we've been to Rehoboth looking at houses, we usually just stop at a burger or pizza joint for a quick bite in between or afterwards.