Happy New Year!

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Another year bites the dust.  I would say this year had its ups and its downs, but mostly its ups.  In 2008, I see bright promise for America and the world.  George Bush's successor will be determined, Canada will get the iPhone, and Bill Gates will step down from daily work over at Microsoft.  Wow.  That's a lot of ground covered.  My hope is that our world continues to progress, innovate, and design, but that we never lose sight of who we are in the galaxy: a tiny spec of green and blue.  Maybe we'll discover alien life in 2008.  Maybe the hovercar will be patented.  Or maybe it'll be just another typical year.  Honestly, I hope we don't just destroy ourselves and our planet in 2008.  And there's no greater wish than that, right?

Happy New Year everyone!


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