Holiday Gift Results

We opened holiday presents last night and let's just say things went well.  Actually, let's not just say; let's elaborate.  Here are the things I got for the holidays:

  1. $15 gift card to Sharper Image
  2. $25 gift card to Borders
  3. Box of chocolates.
  4. $50 in cash.

Yes, that's right.  I got the touch.  I've already loaded it with tons of music and podcasts, and I've bookmarked all kinds of webapps for productivity, travel, entertainment, reference, etc.  This iPod will not only serve as my PMP but also my PDA.  It has all kinds of cool features beyond just playing music.  Of course, I'll almost never be bringing it out of the house, except for long car rides and vacations.

Now you might be thinking: Why didn't Eric get any Star Wars stuff?  Well the truth is, there isn't much Star Wars stuff that's out right now that I either a) don't already have or b) can't buy on my own.  An example of the latter is a Star Wars novel, which I would never ask for as a holiday gift unless it was insanely expensive.  Soon enough, there will be a new Star Wars game and several expensive books for me to ask for.

Anyway, the presents listed above account for most of my family.  My aunt is always a little late in sending gifts, but my mom told me that she has plans to get me something anyway.