Arrival at Vail and a Technical Difficulty

We just got to our hotel room in Vail.  To my knowledge it is the exact same room as we had last time (same building, same room #).  We had an initial fiasco with the Internet when my travel router appeared to cause connection problems.  Attempting to browse the Internet when using the travel router (as opposed to just plugging in) caused the browser to go back to the hotel's landing page every thirty seconds.  I called the front desk and must have scared them, because minutes later it was working fine.  (Knock on wood!)  Anyway, my mother and sister went out to rent their skiing equipment and we are deciding on when to buy groceries.  Exciting stuff, I know.  I plan on relaxing tonight, as I still have to adjust to the new time zone (two hours behind D.C.).  Look for more updates as the trip rolls on.

UPDATE: A few hours after posting this, the Internet failed yet again.  I called the tech support department of the hotel's ISP and they told me to spoof the router's MAC address to that of my computer.  I tried that and it didn't help, but a few hours later I got a call back from a different technician, saying that she had no idea why they would've told me to do that.  She promptly informed me that they were switching us over to the residential section of their network because it was more router-friendly.  And the Internet's been working fine ever since!