Upcoming Thanksgiving Plans


With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I couldn't be happier.  Because you see, Turkey Day has some of the best food all year long.  You've got turkey and gravy--the latter of which I love so much, I could drink with a straw.  And you've got pumpkin pie.  I once had six slices of pumpkin pie in one night.  My sister was contemplating making three pumpkin pies instead of the two we'd need for our party, and I said, "Go for it.  I'll have the third one myself."

But this Thanksgiving isn't just about giving thanks or eating a lot, it's also about seeing my mom's side of the family whom I haven't seen in forever.  My aunt and uncle, as well as their two children and their dog, live in Michigan, and I've only visited their current house a few times in my life.  Granted, I visited them at their old house several times as well, but either way I haven't had a chance to catch up with them recently.  Another positive is that their dog, Zelda, will finally get to meet her cousin Maddie.  I wonder if they'll tag-team to steal some Thanksgiving table scraps.  Maybe like a 50-50 split.  No, Maddie would definitely want at least 70%.

They will be joining us for a Friday night dinner, but on Thanksgiving itself my family and I will be joining our other aunt and uncle for dinner.  I did the math on the numbers at both dinners, and let's just say that if all goes well, I should be having a lot of turkey, gravy, and pumpkin pie.