Problems with the Driver's Ed Routine

Seeing as I'm halfway done with my driver's ed classes, the time has come for me to start thinking about getting my learner's permit.  Initially, I had thought that the permit was actually the highest driving certification I could get before a full license.  That is wrong, however.  First I need the learner's permit, which is good for a year and enables me to complete the sixty hours of in-car practice required for my provisional license.  I must hold the permit for at least six months.  Unfortunately, in order to get my provisional license, I would need to wait at least half a year from now (remember: minimum six months) in order to use those sixty hours towards getting my provisional.

This means that from the time my class hours finish in late December, to the time I can submit my in-car hours, it will have been ... let me just pull up Google Calendar ... five months!  That's a long time, and I'm worried that my class hours, both in the classroom and in the car, won't count by that time.  For this reason, I am scrambling to find a weekend when I can go down to the Motor Vehicle Association to pick up the study materials for my permit test.  Then I need to find time to actually take the test.

It's funny; I always heard my friends talking about "getting their permit" and it made me so jealous.  But the way I'm going about this whole driving thing, I'll overlap permit and provisional license certification, so I'll have a higher level of qualification before the rest of my friends.  That's pretty much the only good thing about my whole "training routine!"