The Day After Thanksgiving

Overall, Thanksgiving break was fun.  When my cousins came over with Zelda, Maddie went crazy and they started sniffing each other.  They weren't allowed to run around in the backyard because Zelda has hip problems that aren't conducive -- to say the least -- to running.  But they still had fun meeting each other, although they seemed to be fighting during dinner.  The adults maintained that it was just roughhousing, but I was concerned for both dogs' safety.  They didn't seem to know their own strength.

My sister and I went downstairs with our cousins to play the Wii.  We started with Wii Tennis.  Me and my younger cousin played against my older cousin and a computer player; my team won.  But then my sister joined my older cousin and they beat us.  Then we played Wii Baseball.  That got boring after three innings of no scoring, which I attribute to both my unstoppable pitching and my terrible timing at bat.  We then went on to play Wii Bowling.  I got a few strikes and spares, but the shocker of the night was that my younger cousin was either terrifically lucky or tremendously skilled.  She would pull back and release the ball, but she did it wrong and the ball proceeded to crawl down the lane slower than a tortoise.  Still, almost every time the ball hit the pins, she got a strike!  If it wasn't a strike, it was eight or nine pins, followed by a miss on the spare opportunity.

We then went upstairs for a while and joined the adults.  After a while, we went to the foyer outside our rooms where our desktop computers sat.  My sister and I had a fun time showing our cousins all the cool tricks we could do with our webcams, and my sister showed us a cool website that takes faces and puts them on elves' bodies and animates them in a dance.

We had a nice dinner featuring chicken and homemade mashed potatoes that my sister made, followed by pumpkin pie and apple pie for dessert.  After dinner, my cousins went downstairs to play Mario Party 8 on the Wii and I played my sister in ping-pong.  Eventually, it was time for my relatives to leave, but not before lots of hugs, kisses, and (for our dogs) profuse licking.