Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I had lunch with my grandmother yesterday. She called me at 9:30AM to ask if I wanted to come over; turns out my mom's side of the family was also joining her. My uncle said that while the drive down here was long (eight hours, though my youngest cousin said it felt like "forever"), it was very manageable. According to him, my cousins read books and watched DVDs during the ride, and Zelda slept in the back of the car on her portable bed. We had a nice lunch together, after which we inflated the air mattress that my mother bought for my grandmother. My cousins had fun lying on the mattress and adjusting the firmness. My grandmother needed it because my cousins were sleeping at her apartment with her and she only had one extra bed.

My family and I will be leaving at 6:00PM to go to my father's brother's house for our official Thanksgiving dinner. There will be several other people there in addition to the six of us, but I'm confident there will be enough turkey, gravy, and pumpkin pie to go around. I say official dinner because as you know, we are having my mother's brother's family over tomorrow.

I'm going to be waking up early tomorrow, because at 11:38AM I'm hosting a server in my gaming league's first session. The game is expected to last up to two hours if everything goes as planned, so I will have little time between the game and my relatives' arrival. Luckily I received no homework over the Thanksgiving break, so I will have nothing of import to do during that time.