Start your engines!

Well, this is it.  In five days, I start taking classes for Drivers' Ed.  While I won't be getting on the road [with an instructor] for quite some time (about 10 weeks), I will be going through the mundane process of learning about turn signals, car proximity, and how to tell if it's a three-way intersection or a four-way.  So wish me luck!

Oh, and I do have something on a more technological note.  I'm going to a preliminary meeting at my school for their Film Festival.  Now, you might think, given my love of (and proficiency at) filmmaking, that I might submit something.  Well, you're wrong.  There's actually a spot available on their team to design the official Film Festival website.  And yours truly here is going to volunteer.  Because who else would dare to challenge me to an HTML, CSS, XHTML, or JavaScript coding contest?  With my use of templates and online tutorials, I'd kill them! :-)