Halloween Semi-live-blogging Extravaganza!

As all of you hopefully know, tonight is All Hallow's Eve.  My sister has about a dozen friends over for a party, which will culminate in a quiet evening for me as they depart on a trick-or-treating spree.  In keeping with my annual tradition of live-blogging the entire evening (which I just started this year), I present you with the live-blogging extravaganza...

6:48 PM Just finished greeting my first trick-or-treater of the night.  We saw them come up the driveway, so we opened the door.  But the little girl (who couldn't have been older than five) wanted to ring the doorbell.  So we watched as her mother lifted her up to reach our doorbell and waited the customary three seconds before opening the door again.  The girl promptly grabbed two Kit-Kats, but her mother said, "Only one, dear!"  My mom, who had bought way too much candy, insisted that she take two.

6:50 PM There's another group of trick-or-treaters at the door.  The dad is waiting by our front steps with a dog.  I bet he/she would love to meet Maddie.

6:54 PM I wonder how many Star Wars characters I'll see tonight.  My guess (which I will not change in this post once the night is over) is seven.

7:00 PM Another trick-or-treater rings the doorbell as my sister and her friends prepare to leave.  The upstairs slowly gets quieter as the procession files down the stairs in pursuit of candy.

7:04 PM Aaaand they're gone.  My mom is taking -- or at least, trying to take -- a group picture of them outside.  While I agree with the need for documentation of our teenage years (as much for my parents' benefit as for ours), I can't help but sympathize with my sister and the embarrassment she must be feeling.

7:05 PM I'm moving my laptop downstairs so I can be "closer to the action."

7:10 PM I'm now sitting in the kitchen eating leftover pizza from the party.  It's uncannily quiet in here; the only sounds are those of little trick-or-treaters screaming and squealing outside.

7:14 PM The father of a recent trick-or-treater, laughably, had to answer his blackberry as I was giving his son some candy.  To his credit, the father seemed annoyed that someone was disrupting his quality father-son time.

7:26 PM It's times like these I wish we could trust my dog to just stand by the door unrestrained and greet trick-or-treaters.  She's even wearing a Halloween bandanna!  It's too bad, because she gets along so well with little kids.  Sadly, when she sees kids (especially those in scary costumes), she seems unable to control herself.  We're considering therapy.

7:35 PM I'm surprised at how few trick-or-treaters have come to our house.  I mean, we haven't seen many kids on our street, so it can't be intentional avoidance of our house.  It's weird, too, because one of our neighbors was hosting a haunted house, and one would think that we'd get more kids then we usually do.

7:50 PM It's quiet.  Too quiet.  We haven't had a trick-or-treater in quite a while.  There must be some over-the-top house down the street that's absorbing all our prospective "costumers." (get it? customers?)

7:54 PM Now we're back in business!  We just got two older-looking teenagers (~17-18), followed by two matching "female Frankensteins" who politely asked, "How much [candy] are we allowed to take?"

7:56 PM Well, I just looked outside and our pumpkin -- which I had not seen in its final stage -- is indeed an original emoticon!  How geeked out is that?

8:15 PM We just got three groups in a row; two of the groups didn't have very memorable costumes, but one kid in the last group was Episode II Anakin!  That's 1 Star Wars costume sighting so far!

9:15 PM Sadly, we've not had a single trick-or-treater since the Episode II Anakin, and with the night drawing to a close, I doubt we'll have any more.  That also means that my estimate of seven Star Wars costumes was way off.  Our total is...1.  Oh well.  I'll keep updating this blog with more of my life, and I'll also see you this time next year for more Halloween semi-live-blogging!