So, today Pluto became a "dwarf planet." Every textbook, solar system toy, and map of the Milky Way is now officially obsolete. A lot of people are dissapointed, still others are relieved, and I am simply shocked. Shocked that I was able to be alive for one of the most defining moments in space history.

But its really just our version of space history, isn't it? I mean it's not like, if there is sentient life out there, those beings would actually follow our system of solar judgement. If Martians, Plutonians, and species from other solar systems actually exist, I doubt they would find our version of what a planet is to be acceptable. Of course, the Plutonians would be dismayed and outraged.

But putting aside the idea of a war with Pluto, we can safely assume that this will be one of space history's most remembered moments. And anyone reading this blog is lucky enough to have lived to witness it.

|~~RFTRTM -- Random Fact that Relates to Me~~|
Pluto's atmospheric temperature remains at a constant -400 degrees Farenheit.