On Saturday, my family and I will be going to Los Angeles, CA to watch TV show tapings and tour famous film studios. Personally, I saved up money to pay for my ticket to the Warner Bros Deluxe Studio Tour, a five-hour, $150 tour that goes far behind the scenes of moviemaking. Not only do I get to see prop and costume warehouses and possibly meet stars, but the included lunch gives me the oppurtunity to dine with famous people! Because my family's tour--which starts at the same time--is the regular VIP tour, and it only lasts 2 1/2 hours, they will just have to find something else to do for the other 2 1/2 hours while I enjoy an in-depth technical tour of filmmaking.

For the link to find out more about the tours, click here.

|~~RFTRTM -- Random Fact that Relates to Me~~|
The museum at the end of the Warner Bros tours currently has a special section for Harry Potter! That will be cool to see.