In terms of gaming, I don't really have much going right now. I just bought Knights of the Old Republic (I shall refer to it as KOTOR from now on) and I really like it, but not so much that it would take up a good portion of my day. (then again, neither does this...) I am considering getting into World of Warcraft--I'll call it WOW, since that is most people's first reaction. It looks like a really good game because of the advanced graphics and amazing depth to the story lines. Some of my friends play it right now and they are completely hooked. Anyways, later this year I will be getting into MMORPG's a lot more when Star Wars Galaxies: The Complete Online Adventures is released (I talk about that in a previous post...too lazy to find which one it is).

|~~RFTRTM -- Random Fact that Relates to Me~~|
World of Warcraft is the number one Massive Multiplayer Online RolePlaying Game on the Internet. (as if MMORPG's can be found elsewhere!)