Haven't really posted in a while, but here it goes. For starters, I have long since quit Magic and Runescape. I am still an avid Star Wars fanatic; that part of my life is staying the same. Speaking of Star Wars and how amazing it is, I have just stumbled upon this:


It is the link to a story posted on Gamespot about LucasArts' ingenius decision to make their award-winning game Star Wars Galaxies and all of its expansion packs into one collection, called Star Wars Galaxies: The Complete Online Adventures. The game is priced at only $30, which is half of what the game (minus any expansion packs) cost just a few months ago. The package also includes a bonus DVD with interesting content relating to the game.

Oh, and one other thing. I am going to post a Random Fact that Relates to Me with every post I upload, just to be creative.

|~~RFTRTM -- Random Fact that Relates to Me~~|
Did you know that there is actually an Internet connection speed called OC-768? It provides transmission speeds of around 40 gigabits per second. Wow, that's